Audiometric Test Booth

If you are an Audiologist, Audiometrist or a Health & Safety Nurse and are looking to establish a new practice or to improve the current set up, or looking to expand, an audiometirc test booth is an absolute necessity for conducting accurate hearing tests for your clients or staff.

We are the NZ distributor for Sibelmed's Audiometric Testbooth, which is designed and manufactured in Europe. It  complies with the background noise requirements of ISO8253-1:2010.

his advantage is particulary important when providing audiology services where evidence of a suitable test environment is required. 

You will be able to provide your clients with an optimal outcome of their hearing test results every time.

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SibelMed S-Premium Audiometric Testbooth:

The S-Premium Testbooth is manufactured in several sizes:

  • SibelMed S-Premium A: 129 x 129 x 212cm
  • SibelMed S-Premium B: 138 x 106 x 225cm
  • SibelMed S-Premium C: 198 x 168 x 222cm
  • SibelMed S-Premium D: 198 x 198 x 222cm
  • SibelMed S-Premium E: 228 x 198 x 222cm
  • SibelMed S-Premium F: 228 x 228 x 222cm
  • SibelMed S-Premium G: 258 x 228 x 222cm
  • SibelMed S-Premium H: 258 x 258 x 222cm
  • SibelMed S-Premium I:  258 x 288 x 222cm
  • SibelMed S-Premium J: 288 x 288 x 222cm
  • SibelMed S-Premium K: Customized size as required



All dimensions are external dimensions. Please feel free to discuss your requirements with us.

Acoustix Booth 4

SibelMed S40 Audiometric Testbooth:

The S40 Testbooth is manufactured in several sizes: 

  • Sibelmed S40A: 90x90x215cm
  • Sibelmed S40B: 110x110x215cm
  • Sibelmed S40C: 125x125x215cm
  • Sibelmed S40D: 85x72x187cm (for mobile medical units)
  • Sibelmed S40E: 135x135x215cm

All dimensions are external dimensions.

Custom size is available. Please feel free to discuss your requirements with us. 

The external side table for the audiometer is available as fixed table with supporting leg or as a foldable table, providing ample leg room underneath.

 The opening of the door is available from left to right or right to left. 

An optional ramp is available for the S40C and S40E  to help with access for clients in wheel chairs. 


Delivery and Installation:

Expected delivery time is between 8-10 weeks after receiving confirmation and initial deposit. 

Full on-site installation service is included with every testbooth purchased. 



call or email us 

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