Your Independent Provider of Leading Hearing Aid Brands

Acoustix Hearing is Auckland's leading independent Audiology clinic based in Remuera, and has been operating for over 10 years. We provide our customers with hearing aids and hearing solutions which help their hearing and will work best for them.

Please be aware that the supply and fitting of hearing aids will always require a personal face-to-face consultation.  

Hearing Aids

Simply put, a hearing aid consists of a microphone, an amplifier and a loudspeaker (receiver) which transmits the optimized amplification into the ear, all  based on the degree of the hearing loss.  A small sized zinc-air battery or a rechargeable battery powers the hearing aid.

Hearing aids make a significant difference to people with hearing loss. By hearing better, your ability to communicate better with family and friends will dramatically improve and with that, so will your quality of life.

Development in digital signal processing technology and advanced electronic design is on-going, and subsequently hearing aids have become much smaller and more sophisticated than ever, featuring miniaturised, complex and compact electronics inside them.

Providing Independent Advice

Because Acoustix Hearing is an independent audiology and hearing aid clinic, we do not endorse any one brand of hearing aids and have no preferred supplier contracts in place.

Because no hearing loss and no two ears are the same, customisation becomes important. 
This process involves a detailed assessment of one's hearing loss and understanding of the individual's hearing needs, as well as taking into account one's dexterity and visual ability, both which tend to become less than perfect with increasing age.

Then there is the precise fitting of the hearing aid, making sure that it is physically comfortable and more importantly, actually helping you to hear better in a variety of listening situations and environments.

We recommend hearing aids and hearing aid accessories without being biased towards any particular brand.  We work with all major brands available on the market, for example Phonak Siemens Widex Oticon GNResound Bernafon, just to name a few. There are many more available.

If you have a specific request for a brand or model, and provided that it will meet your requirements, we will make every attempt to satisfy your request.

When providing hearing aids to our customers our focus is on performance, ease of use and affordability.  Hearing aids should be easy to use with some minimal daily maintenance required to maintain their consistent performance. 

When you trial a hearing aid, there is no obligation to purchase, however a fee for clinical time spent will apply and any cost for non-returnable custom moulded earmoulds for Behind-the-ear hearing aids.  We will advise you of this prior to commencing your trial.   

Hearing aids are not all the same. Prices for hearing aids differ and are generally determined by the different features and benefits that each hearing aid brand and model provides.

Naturally we all want and endeavour to get the best for ourselves, because we are worth it!

Hearing Aid Styles - which one works best for you?

Hearing aids come in different styles with numerous models and features available for improving your hearing. The primary styles of hearing aids are Behind-the-ear (BTE), In-the-ear (ITE), In-the-canal (ITC), Completely-in-canal (CIC), and Receiver-in-canal (RIC).  Some hearing aids are so  small that when worn, they are virtually invisible because they either fit neatly inside your ear canal or behind your ear. This is why it is important to help you choose the right style hearing aid.
With your input for preference we will fit and let you trial hearing aids which will provide the most benefit. We offer a minimal one-month trial period, or as agreed, with full support, advice and fine tuning in order to ensure optimum performance from your hearing aids.
When fitted with a hearing aid for the first time, there will be an acclimatisation period while adapting to better hearing. Follow up visits assess the level of improvement and outcome, as well as provide the opportunity for adjustments to the hearing aids, and over a period of time, to meet the specific requirements of the wearer as best as possible. 

Hearing Aid Accessories - what a great help

In addition to hearing aids there are several choices of brand specific hearing aid accessories available to further enhance the performance of your hearing aids, especially when it comes to watching television or DVD movies, hearing conversations clearer on mobile phones or home phones, or when dexterity starts to make the operation of your hearing aids more challenging than before. Hearing aid accessories such as Widex TV-DEX, Widex UNI-DEX, Widex M-DEX, Widex RC-DEX, Phonak DECT phone, Siemens E-charger, Sennheiser 840-S can be viewed, tried out and purchased at our clinic. Please note that some hearing aid accessories require pairing with your hearing aids to optimise functioning, which will require a short appointment with us to do this. Some hearing aid accessories are ready-to-go and can be purchased on-line. Simply call us or purchase on-line.

Hearing Aid Consumables - for consistent performance

Hearing aids require frequent maintenance and use of hearing aid consumables to maintain consistent performance. Hearing aid batteries, hearing aid wax guards, moisture prevention, hearing aid domes and hearing aid tubes are available from reception at our clinic. Whatever your requirement is, we can help out.
Simply call us or purchase on-line.


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