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Make it your mission to safeguard your hearing and avoid premature deafness! Once your hearing is gone, it's gone forever - so Don't Lose the Music!

In todays' world we are constantly bombarded with sound.  Many sounds are enjoyable, in particular music.We all love listening to music    - especially loud music - but unfortunately there are many situations where music can become noise instead. 

At Acoustix Hearing  we want you to be aware of the potential dangers and encourage you to take positive action to protect your hearing and prevent unnecessary hearing damage, whilst still heading out to enjoy your favourite bands and DJs. 

We are keen on introducing the use of safe hearing protection to society in a positive, fun and relevant way, and we try to reach those who need them however and wherever we can.   

Hearing protection can be positive, fun and relevant and now you can protect your hearing without missing a beat!  At Acoustix Hearing we have a range of safe hearing protection products that allow you to still enjoy the loud music and vibe, without Tinnitus being your only lasting memory of the gig!

Ringing in the ears after a concert or a temporary decrease in hearing indicates some level of damage to the inner part of the ear. Tinnitus is the medical name for that annoying ringing in the ears after a gig and is pretty much a hard act to follow, no matter the style or tempo!

What 'Don't Lose the Music' is about

'Don't Lose The Music' is an initiative of Acoustix Hearing, who are offering a range hearing protection products designed for professional Musicians, DJs, VJs, Audio engineers and many others working in the music industry who are regularly exposed to loud music…

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Why Hearing Protection is important

Musicians are constantly bombarded with sound - their own, and that of other musicians. As most of us know by now, music can become harmful if played at loud levels…

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Find the right hearing protection for you  

All quality hearing protection should protect your hearing by "attenuating" the sound. The word attenuate is used to describe the level of sound reduction provided…

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