Hearing Test

OtoscopyHearing care begins with a full diagnostic hearing test, whether you are referred by your GP for a comprehensive hearing assessment or you come to us because you have concerns about your hearing,
A full diagnostic comprehensive hearing test will determine the status of your hearing and will rule out any underlying medical conditions.
Through the use of advanced calibrated diagnostic audiological equipment and a sound proof hearing test booth, which meet required industry standards, we will thoroughly test your hearing. Our hearing test methodology is comprehensive and we will chart your results on an audiogram which allows us to instantly establish your hearing and  share the result and outcome with you. If required we send a written report to your GP. 

Our hearing test includes the following steps:

n otoscope is what we use to visually examine the ear canal and eardrum and check for the presence of ear wax and for abnormalities inside the ear, such as the condition of the eardrum, inflammation, exostosis, or infection.

Tympanometry/Acoustic Reflex Testing:
Tympanometry measures the movement of the eardrum. It is useful in identifying the origin of a hearing loss, diagnosing ear infections or tympanic perforations and looking for other middle ear abnormalities. Acoustic reflex testing checks for a muscle contraction to loud sounds. If properly administered and interpreted, acoustic reflex test results can provide information about the function of the hearing nerve, facial nerve, and part of the auditory portion of the brainstem. It can also be used to confirm the type and degree of hearing loss.

Puretone Audiometry:
The "hearing test" part of the assessment is called puretone audiometry. Sitting inside our sound proof hearing test booth with two-way communication, Insert earphones are placed inside the person's ear canals and we ask to press a response button to confirm every time when a "beep" tone is heard. This may require a little bit of concentration. A bone conductor may also be used, which is placed behind the ear and which transmits sound via the skull directly to the inner ear, by-passing the middle ear. The hearing test result is called Audiogram and is used to determine the type and degree of hearing loss, if any. The Audiogram is also used to determine appropriate hearing aid options where required.

Speech Audiometry:
Speech audiometry evaluates the ability to hear and to understand words at various loudness levels. This test is used to confirm the audiogram and is often used to determine how much a person may benefit from wearing hearing aids.

Your hearing test results explained to you:
After the hearing test has been completed we will explain the results to you and give you our advice on what course of action is recommended. If hearing aids are indicated to improve your hearing, we can discuss the most appropriate solution for your individual needs, taking into consideration your hearing loss, lifestyle and budget.

If you have a hearing loss or feel that your hearing is not as good anymore as it used to be, call us today to make an appointment for a hearing test. Better hearing greatly improves the quality of life for many people.


"Free Hearing Tests" - why we don't do them

At Acoustix Hearing, we don't provide "free hearing tests" as we take a comprehensive approach to testing your hearing, which means that you get an independent and accurate assessment. Unlike other providers who offer 'free hearing tests'  to try and sell you a product in the process, or a "free hearing screening" to then tell you that you need a 'full hearing test' to go any further, we like to provide you with a comprehensive hearing test and outcome. 
Which GP or any other medical professional offers free consultations? As the old saying goes - there is no such thing as a "free lunch".


Hearing Tests For Civil Aviation, Diving and Pre-employment Medicals

Pre-employment hearing tests are conducted for several job roles to establish a base line and to ensure that your hearing is good enough to meet safety standards in the workplace. This will generally apply to industries such as civil aviation, mining, marine and diving.

Pilots, air traffic controllers, cabin crew, flight attendants, airport security personnel, miners, seafarers and everyone else requiring a hearing test as part of the pre-employment medical will benefit from the accuracy provided by our professional equipment and comprehensive approach.

This type of hearing test is recorded on an approved Civil Aviation Authority audiogram form and  requires sight of photographic ID such as a valid drivers licence, passport or firearms licence. 

The hearing test results are instantly available.



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